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Getting back to the gym after an injury

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By Paul James

If you are an athlete or simply an avid gym user then you will know all about the effect that an injury can have on your training plan. In August last year I tore my ACL and while it was one of the most painful experiences that I have ever been through, one of the toughest elements that I had to deal with was that of the amount of time it would take me to start getting back to what I had been before.

Playing netball three times a week and going to the gym almost every day I was a pretty fit person and my strength and stamina was among the best it had ever been so taking a hit and realizing that I didn’t have this anymore was definitely something that I have struggled to deal with, but nevertheless once I got back into the rhythm of things it didn’t seem altogether that bad!

So what did getting back to the gym after this injury entail?


Well, if you do find yourself in the position that I did I can give you some handy hints and tips as to how you can really get cracking back at the gym after this type of injury.

Invest in a physio

I have always been a person that has been incredibly sceptical about the type of impact that a physio can have on your body, but in general if you do invest in a good physio then you are most likely to reap the rewards of this investment. A great physio will give you good mobility and will help to get the blood flowing back to your joints, helping the tissues to repair themselves and getting you back on track.

Take it slowly

You won’t get anywhere by being impatient, in fact you are more likely to end up with injuries if you are impatient because chances are that you will re-injure yourself again. It takes a while for your injuries to heal, it took my ACL almost 3 months before I could even walk properly again and I never imagined it would take that long. Keep the faith and know that things will get better, in the meantime take it easy and do gentle exercises to help.

Change your diet not just your lifestyle

An injury will have an impact on your lifestyle and you will have to make changes as a result, but it’s also crucial that you feed your body well to help with the repair process. Healthy food and supplements can really help you out here, so have a look at the best foods for muscle repair and make sure that you load up on them.

Exercise everyday

I don’t mean go to the gym, I mean gentle exercises to work your muscles. Stretch, strengthen and do something gentle – you will slowly start to regain the function that you once had.

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