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  • Women Weight Training: Why Women Should Not Be Afraid Of Dumbbells

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  • Your iPhone, Your Fit Lifestyle

Making a Splash While Getting in Shape This Summe

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Swimming Pool

If your motivation to work out during the summer falters with the heat waves, you should pick up a form of exercise that keeps you cool and gives you a whole body workout – swimming.


Why So Many Love to Swim

If you feel like you’re just awkwardly flailing when you swim, you may wonder why so many people love to do it for leisure and exercise.  Swimming is a great form of exercise because of its unique benefits.  Just like most forms of exercise, swimming increases strength, increases endurance, and improves cardiovascular fitness among other things.


The first benefit unique to swimming is that it’s easy on the joints because the buoyancy supports your weight.  Who does this benefit?  This is good news for elderly individuals, overweight individuals, those suffering from arthritis, those rehabilitating from injuries, and even those in good health – so basically it’s good for everyone.

Secondly, exercising in water has specific psychological benefits including improved mood, decreased anxiety, decreased depression, and even improved mental health of pregnant women - it has something to do with floating in water!

Another group of people who can benefit from exercising in water is the elderly because of the resistance the water provides.  This is especially important for post-menopausal women because the resistance increases their bone density helping prevent fractures.

Lastly, water places pressure on your body, which increases with depth.  This is good for those with inflammation because the pressure at greater depths will push the swelling up and out of the extremities, helping those suffering from injuries and pregnant women very happy.


Using Swimming For Your Workout

When you jump in for a splash, you’re getting a greater workout than you may have bartered for because the water acts as resistance meaning you are ultimately strength training your entire body.  The major parts of your body that you are training while swimming are your upper extremities and your core.  So, if you’re new to the water, be aware that you might be introduced to muscles you never knew you had before.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to swim in the water.  You can adapt just about any exercise to a workout in the water.  In fact you can run, bike, and perform water aerobics under water, which helps give your body a rest and prevent injury, increases resistance to your normal workouts, or help you get back in shape from an injury to prepare you to perform your normal activity.


What are you waiting for?  Go for a splash to get in shape this summer.


Randi Upshaw is a Certified Athletic Trainer, wife, and mother who shares her love of health and fitness through her writing.  Currently she writes for Home Gym Review where you can find great reviews on home gym equipment like this one:  http://www.homegymreview.net/review/bodycraft-xpress-pro-home-gym-2.

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