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Does work make you gain or lose weight

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Work is such a large part of our lives in both the time we spend there and the influence it has over us. Part of this influence can be on our health and in particular our weight. The nature of the job can determine what effect it has on you but you also have responsibility and your actions could sway whether work becomes a positive or negative on you and your health.



Work gives people a reason to get out of bed every morning but more importantly it gives you a routine. This routine will inspire good behaviours that can aid in weight loss. The first positive of this will be that it encourages you to have breakfast. It may be a cliché but it is the most important meal of the day as it starts off your bodies metabolism, which will help you burn fat throughout the day. It will also give you energy, making you more productive at work.


This routine should encourage you to plan meals which helps you eat healthier and hence lose weight. Pre-making meals will allow you to control what you are eating. If you come into work with nothing you will be more likely to snack on junk that is available. Although work can set the routine, you have to make the most of this. Make enough food so you won't go hungry. This will mean you may snack on a piece of fruit rather than a chocolate bar and have a salad or sandwich for your lunch rather than going to the chippy.


Everyone knows that the easiest and best way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. This is where work is a positive as it keeps you active. You may walk to work, to the bus or even just to and from your car. Although not enough on its own, these all keep you active and add up. If you weren't working you might not move all day. You can add to this movement by utilising areas of your job. Walk to the drink dispenser more often, walk to talk to a colleague rather than phoning them or walk up the stairs rather than taking the lift. Moving away from your desk also has other health benefits. Sitting in the same position for too long can cause back and repetitive strain injury. Regular rest and stretching is needed to help avoid this.


Your job in its self could keep you active. Professions such as sportsmen and personal trainers may be extreme examples but any job where you are active throughout the day will help you stay fit and healthy. This could be builders, gardeners, police, packers or the military.


Dependent on your working environment and possible fellow workers, your job may encourage you to eat and drink poorly. Whether it's the office or a building site you'll find that you drink more and the drinks available are usually tea and coffee or fizzy drinks. There is the risk of consuming a lot of sugar drinking these, which will have negative affects on our health. If drank in moderation though, coffee can actually be good for us by decreasing the risk of fatal liver disease and Alzheimers. You may also be tempted into ordering food in when at work as companies will deliver for big business orders. You may find that you are eating a bacon sandwich everyday as it is the easy option and everyone else is doing it. You may also be tempted to go for drinks after work and alcoholic drinks are very high in calories. Work may tempt you to eat and drink badly but you have to be strong willed and stick to a balanced diet.


Although going for a pint after work can have health reciprocations, there is a positive with this or similar activities. Work gives you motivation, and encourages you to be more active. This in turn can prompt you to join in more social activities and hopefully healthy active ones, be it the works football team or a charity run.


Ultimately work can and should have a positive effect on your life and health. You do have to take responsibility though as your decisions can have a big impact and be the difference between losing or actually gaining weight. Use the routine that work gives you as an opportunity to plan your day by being as active as possible and eat regular healthy meals. Self discipline is needed to resist the temptations that work can present.


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Wrote by Chris Evans of Atrium Legal, experts in workers compensation. We help people everyday who's job has injured or made them ill.

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